This is what engagement looks like...

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...but how many people feel that way about their work?

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Employee engagement

Research shows that only 15% of employees are truly engaged in their job_

Employee engagement

18% of employees are actively disengaged and borderline destructive_

Employee engagement

This leaves a big majority of 67% being somewhat engaged or disengaged_

...and these are the people we ENGAGE!


Our products

We design digital solutions that motivate behavioral change amongst employees and managers improving business results while making work more fun. The way we do this is by building all our solutions on the same three key aspects:


We ensure quick on-boarding and high participation by using social media inspired UX interface.

High impact

We only motivate behavioral changes that have high impact on the bottom line.


We ensure high utilization by using gamification to reward employees for efforts well done.


MoodStories is a dynamic and flexible full suite survey solution to measure employee engagement in real-time. MoodStories makes it possible to take the everyday pulse of an organization which enables managers and teams to react fast and interact with colleagues, to give relevant feedback and increase engagement at work.


iOS / Android / Web

“Two years were too long to wait for feedback from our employees. By using MoodStories we get a very honest answer about our employees’ well-being every other week.”

- CEO, Novartis, Alcon Nordic

iOS / Android / Web

Shine on Sales

Shine on Sales is an easy and fun sales solution that engages facility management employees in spotting and reporting sales opportunities. With Shine on Sales FM companies will not miss out on opportunities to make additional sales at client sites while improving customer and employee satisfaction.

shine on sales

”After implementing Shine on Sales my team and I look more proactively for additional sales opportunities and ways to create more customer-satisfaction”  

- Customer Manager, Alliance +

Shine on Safety

Shine on Safety is an easy and fun safety solution that engages employees in actively report safety issues and dangerous situations at construction sites. Shine on Safety motivates a safety-oriented behavior among employees and can help create a proactive safety culture.

shine on safety

iOS / Android / Web

“Bringing Shine on Safety to our account has played an essential part in getting everyone to actively engage in putting forward a proactive safety culture.”

- Contract Developer

iOS / Android / Web


KLAR is a smart communications solution that engages construction workers and suppliers in coordinating tasks and sharing information. KLAR enables more effective work processes while reducing misunderstandings and unsafe handovers.

“It’s great that we now are more able to document our work and agreements using KLAR. Then you are not able to run from your responsibilities!”

- SiteManager, Lasse Larsen Huse

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We are a team of passionate, ambitious, and innovative individuals coming from different working backgrounds but all with the mission of scaling our digital solutions.

Our office can easily be described as a place with good vibes, high energy and lots of music and funny stories.

We are located at Flaesketovet in Copenhagen V. A cool area in the funky old meat district - a place in town with a pulse.

If you would like to be part of the ENGAGE-team don’t hold back to contact us!  

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