June 15, 2021

Meet our new employees at ENGAGE!

Get to know all the new members of the growing ENGAGE-team

The last couple of months we have expanded the ENGAGE family by nothing less than four new employees! 


Meet Søren “Relations Builder” Vestergaard. Søren is our Sales Sensei, that will use his extensive experience to get our product Shine on Sales out to the global market.


Meet Philip “Bug Fixer” Risvad! Philip is our Operations General, who makes sure that all our solutions run smoothly without any “bugs”.


Meet Niklas ”Connection Creator” Koch. Niklas is our new Sales charmor that makes sure as many as possible create a proactive safety culture using Shine on Safety.


Meet Martin "Marketeer" Schultz. Martin is our new Marketing Maestro who will market all our products and tell about the exiting things that happens at ENGAGE.

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